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Guitars From Outer Space

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First let's talk a little bit about the gear and the tones that I'll be using for this tutorial. I'll be playing this Ibanez guitar for the examples on the bridge pickup, which is a humbucker, and I'll be running that through a modeled version of a Mesa Boogie amp with a nice distorted tone dialed, and some reverb. Then on top of that I'm adding a chorus effect which gives me that other-worldly, but still rockin' guitar sound that works for both the riffs and the leads.

I'll be using two different delay settings, coming from two different pedals. One of the delay sounds has a medium-loud delay volume and 5-6 repeats to give me a lush tail for the single note leads. This delay is not timed to be in rhythm with the music and purely serves to add some extra ambience and an extra dose of "epic" to the lead parts.

The other delay pedal is set to have the delay volume as loud as the original note, and then the delay is timed to match a dotted 8th note or 3 sixteenth notes. So if you hit the strings on "1" you'll hear the delay on the "a of 1" and the "and of 2". You can use a tap delay for this or just adjust the delay time until it fits. We'll come back to the specifics of later, but that's the sound I'll be using.

Then for the solo I'll be using a wah pedal, but you can easily play the solo without one.

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Guitars From Outer Space