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Speaking With Notes: Space and Phrasing

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In this lesson we'll trade solos back and forth focusing on one phrasing technique at a time. When you eventually play a longer solo on your own, the idea is to seamlessly switch between all of these concepts, but for now we'll practice them one at a time.

I hope this tutorial has made you realize how powerful of a tool phrasing can be. Many guitar players become aware of this concept way too late in the process and have to rely on happy accidents and random unpredictable moments of inspiration up until then. That's alright, but when you're aware of the concept and how you can use it in your lead playing, it can help you play interesting solos even before you know a million different licks and tricks.

Concepts like phrasing are the invisible things that make it sound like you know what you're doing and keeps your playing interesting even if you're still new to the guitar. Have fun with it!

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Speaking With Notes: Space and Phrasing