Introduction: It's All in the Right Hand

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In most musical situations, you'll be playing rhythm guitar 90% of the time. Once in a while you will get to step out in the spotlight and play a solo, which is always fun. But what you play when the focus is on someone else in the band, whether that is a singer or another solo instrument, is just as important. If you do it well, it's just as fun! That's why rhythm guitar playing is so important.

One of the most important elements in rock rhythm guitar playing is strumming. You already learned the basics in level 1, but in this tutorial we are going to take your rock strumming chops to the next level. I will show you some really cool alternative strumming patterns for the basic rock grooves, show you how to strum with what's called "swung" subdivisions, and I'll also show you some more advanced right hand muting. Let's get to it!

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Rock Strumming: Take It Up a Notch!

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