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Simplify: Strip Down Your Chords

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Now it's time to break down and play through a practice tune that incorporates some of the new intervals and double stops that we've found within the "old" chords. First we'll break down the different sections, then we'll practice each of them slowly with the metronome, and finally we'll play the whole thing with the backing track.

I hope this tutorial has made you realize how much mileage you can get out of isolating the different intervals and double stops within the full chords. As I mentioned earlier, this concept can be applied to any chord you already know or learn down the road.

It's super useful for coming up with interesting rhythm parts, riffs and even solos, but it's also super handy if you play in a big band with keyboards, horns or multiple guitar players. Then you can strip your voicings down to just the essential notes that sound the most important and leave some space for all the other instruments by not playing all the extra notes. Make sure to take some time to really experiment with this on your own!

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Simplify: Strip Down Your Chords