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Layering Guitar Parts

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Now it's time to play through our practice tune up to speed with the backing track. You can pick one of the parts to play along with or you can just watch and listen to take in the overall approach; it's up to you!

I hope this tutorial has made you realize the power of constructive layering of guitar parts in rock. Getting good at this will mean that you no longer have to battle other guitar players for musical territory, but instead you can work with them and be even greater together than each of you are on your own.

I personally love the power trio rock with just one guitar player, but when two players can really play together the sound somehow becomes bigger than the sum of it's parts, and these concepts are the way to get there. This is obviously a much bigger topic than what we can cover in this tutorial, but armed with all the tools you have learned throughout this course, the best way to explore layering from here on out is by learning songs with multiple guitar parts in them. Have fun with it!

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Layering Guitar Parts