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Different Feels in Rock

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Now let's briefly review each of the sections and apply some of the different feels to each of them. For the intro and outro riff we'll use our "unmusical" feel. This will work well because this riff is supposed to create a lot of tension. The voicing and the repetitive rhythm is also adding to that, and the less dynamic and "musical" we make it, the more the riff will stand out! The verse will be subtle and the chorus will be aggressive. Once we've talked through it all, we'll play the whole thing over the backing track.

I know that these concepts can be somewhat hard to grasp at first, but they will ultimately make the difference between all your notes sounding like music or just different frequencies strung together. For some people these things happen automatically and subconsciously, but for many of us it's something that we realize way too late!

So instead of risking that, try to become aware of the different musical feels right now; which ones you gravitate towards, when they work and when they don't. These are the things that will make you an artist rather than just another uninteresting guitar player! Have fun with it.

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Different Feels in Rock