Advanced Strumming: Easy Practice Exercises

It's always different from guitar player to guitar player concerning what comes easy and what comes hard. So in this lesson I'll show you a bunch of different ways to practice everything we've covered in this tutorial with a metronome, and then you can use those methods to work on the things that may be hard for you.

In this tutorial you've been given a whole bunch of new rock rhythm guitar tools. If you get really good at using these tools and rhythmic feels you can get almost unlimited mileage out of them! Because you always want to remember that rock is not only about how much you know, it's just as much about how well you can use what you know. So make sure you take the time to fully explore what these tools and techniques can do for you, before you rush on to learn the next thing.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Rock Strumming: Take It Up a Notch!

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