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Chord Tones: Expand Your Soloing

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In this lesson we'll break down and play through a final solo that combines the meat 'n' potato rock lick vocabulary with lick #3. The track is in the key of C, and we'll use our C major pentatonic pattern (same as A minor pentatonic) for the first part. Then for the second part the harmony goes to G7, and we'll use chord tone lick #3 to spell it out.

I hope this tutorial has opened your eyes to the power of chord tone soloing in a rock context. It's an extremely cool sound, and as you heard in this tutorial it's even cooler when you combine it with the key center approach. You could say that the key center soloing builds tension by not following the harmony, and the chord tone soloing then resolves the tension, creating a strong feeling of relief for the listener.

It takes a little while figuring out how to move the patterns around, but once you manage to connect the dots it will also help you find your way around the fretboard in other contexts. So have fun with the chord tones, and I'll see you in the next video!

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Chord Tones: Expand Your Soloing