Standard Rock Lick #1

In this lesson I'll show you the first of our go-to rock licks. Down the road this may be a lick you learn from a fellow guitar player, your favorite record, or one that you come up with on your own. This lick is in the key of C minor and consists of several different parts that can all be isolated and improvised with!

Anders Mouridsen
Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Standard Rock Lick #1 song notation
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Standard Rock Lick #1 By Anders Mouridsen

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Questions & Answers

Hi Anders - what a good job you're doing man... QUESTION: about the guitar tab (staff) - is the bottom line LOW E or HIGH E ? When I look at what you're playing - it seems to be inverted - Am I right ? Thanks Alain 3 months ago
Josh Workman 3 months ago

Yes, the bottom of the TAB is low E and top is high E. Imagine how the guitar looks to you when looking down at it.

Hey Anders. Really enjoying the lessons. On this one, I'm having trouble with the 11,8,8,11 part of bar 2 and 3. Not sure how to do the finger to get clean notes for the 8 on the E and 8 and the B. I'm having to pick up my fingers off the fretboard completely after the bend to get the 8 on the B especially. Any tips on this move and fingering would be great. Wayne 5 months ago
Josh Workman 4 months ago

As you put your hand on the neck to do the bend, barre your index across the E and B strings and partially touch the G string to prevent unwanted ringing. This will allow you to make all three moves without lifting your finger.