Standard Rock Lick #1

In this lesson I'll show you the first of our go-to rock licks. Down the road this may be a lick you learn from a fellow guitar player, your favorite record, or one that you come up with on your own. This lick is in the key of C minor and consists of several different parts that can all be isolated and improvised with!

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Meat and Potatoes: Standard Rock Licks
Standard Rock Lick #1 song notation
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Standard Rock Lick #1 By Anders Mouridsen

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Questions & Answers

1 month ago
Anders, my fingers keep getting under and catching the upper strings when I am doing a bend, and again when I am barring my first finger over the B and E; my first two fingers end up diving under the G string. What is a good way to prevent this?
Mike Olekshy 6 days ago

Hello and thanks for the question! Be sure to curl your bending finger so that it is coming on to the fretboard as close to a 90 degree angle as you can. As for your first finger barring the top 2 strings - place those first and secure the position with your thumb on the back of the neck so that the tip of your index finger is clear of the G string. It is a bit challenging at first, and it takes some experimentation with thumb placement in the back of the neck - but try and find a thumb position that facilitates this the easiest. Keep at it, you will get it!

6 months ago
Hi Anders - what a good job you're doing man... QUESTION: about the guitar tab (staff) - is the bottom line LOW E or HIGH E ? When I look at what you're playing - it seems to be inverted - Am I right ? Thanks Alain
Josh Workman 6 months ago

Yes, the bottom of the TAB is low E and top is high E. Imagine how the guitar looks to you when looking down at it.

8 months ago
Hey Anders. Really enjoying the lessons. On this one, I'm having trouble with the 11,8,8,11 part of bar 2 and 3. Not sure how to do the finger to get clean notes for the 8 on the E and 8 and the B. I'm having to pick up my fingers off the fretboard completely after the bend to get the 8 on the B especially. Any tips on this move and fingering would be great. Wayne
Josh Workman 7 months ago

As you put your hand on the neck to do the bend, barre your index across the E and B strings and partially touch the G string to prevent unwanted ringing. This will allow you to make all three moves without lifting your finger.