Adding The Alternating Chord

In this lesson we'll take our classic Travis Picking Pattern one step further, by adding an alternating IV-chord.

So here's the pattern that we pieced together in the previous lesson.
Now all we're going to keep the first half the same, but the second time we hit the chord we'll barre across the 2nd fret of the D, G and B string with our 3rd finger.

It's already fretting the 2nd fret of the D-string, so you just sorta lay it down across the upper adjacent strings. I know it's probably awkward at first, but it's worth practicing for many reasons other than just this pattern.

Now let's practice the pattern so far, extra slowly with the metronome. Remember that the tempo I've picked may be too fast or to slow for you, so in that case you can just do the exercise on your own.

Anders Mouridsen
Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Adding The Alternating Chord song notation

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