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Types Of Acoustic Guitars

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In this lesson we'll explore what I consider to be the most classic version of a steel string acoustic, which is called a Dreadnought. The guitar that I use for most of the lessons is a dreadnought, but in this lesson we'll take a closer look at what this term refers to.

The Dreadnought is named after a large battleship model, because at the time of it's creation this body type was much larger than average guitar.

You'll notice that the shoulders here are somewhat square and that combined with the wider and slightly rounder bottom is what creates this iconic shape. It's one of those designs that just looks right to most people, and it creates a beautiful and classic tone that to me (and many other people) represents the most classic steel-string acoustic guitar sound.

My guitar here is a custom built model by a smaller manufacturer named VKV, but it's basically a copy of the classic Martin D28, which is one of the most classic dreadnoughts. You're already quite familiar with the sound of this guitar, but since we'll be exploring other models in the following lessons, let's tune in our ears by starting out with a demo of this guitar so you'll have that fresh in your mind for reference.

Check out this example, all by itself so you can hear the details of the sound of this guitar.

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Types Of Acoustic Guitars