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Classic Open G Tuning

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Now let's explore some scale notes down in the open position. In this tuning the joker string is the B-string, so let's leave that out for a second. For the major scale pattern we'll still use the 2nd and the 4th fret on all the strings, again except for the B-string.

The same thing applies that if you want to make it bluesy, you just move it all up one fret.

Now let's tackle the B-string. First of all the open B-string is the same as the 4th fret of the G-string so let's use that instead. You can also include the 5th fret of the high E-string, for a high root note.

For the bluesy sound you can use the 1st 2nd and 3rd fret of the B-string. Another really cool thing about this tuning is that you have easy access to the classic combination of minor and major notes that you hear in both country, bluegrass, rock and blues.

For that you just use 3rd and 5th fret across all 6 strings. As always you can also use your knowledge of the major scale to find the notes on one string and a time and explore that in conjunction with the drony open strings.

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Classic Open G Tuning