Adding The Hammer-on

In this lesson we'll take our classic Travis Picking Pattern one step further, by adding a subtle, but effective embellishment. Start with the basic pattern that we pieced together in the previous lesson.

All we're going to add is that when we pluck the chord on beat 2, we'll remove our 1st finger, so the G-string rings open and then add it on the “and of 2”.

Notice that G is our minor 3rd, and G# is our major 3rd. So in a split second we're actually going from a minor chord to a major chord, which gives us that bluesy honky tonk sound.

It also sound kinda piano-y, because piano players can't bend notes like we can on guitar to get those bluesy in between notes. Therefore they'll do half-step embellishments like this instead.

Now let's practice the pattern so far, extra slowly with the metronome. Remember that the tempo I've picked may be too fast or to slow for you, so in that case you can just do the exercise on your own.

Anders Mouridsen
Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Adding The Hammer-on song notation

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