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Acoustic Power Chords

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First let's find our classic fretted power chords. At this point in the course, the easiest way to find the classic power chords would be to grab any barre-chord and strip it down to just the lowest three notes.

Grab an E-major shaped A major chord for example, here in the 5th fret. Now strip it down to just be the E, A and D string. This is your root note, your 5 and a higher octave of the root note. No 3rd, and as you can hear this chord doesn't have much of a mood. It's just like a skeleton.

Let's try it with an A major shaped barre-chord. Grab your D major chord, also in the 5th fret. Now isolate the A, D and G string. Here's your root note, your 5 and your root note up an octave. Same thing: no 3rd and no real mood. Just an empty picture frame.

Now let's try and use these in a simple example. Since this is fairly simple stuff, we'll go straight to playing our example with a simple backing track. But don't feel bad if you need to take some with the metronome first getting these new power chord shapes under your fingers.

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Acoustic Power Chords