Lesson 3: Open D Tuning

In this lesson, we will explore the use of Open D tuning while playing with a slide. This tuning was made famous by Elmore james, and is commonly used amongst many slide guitar players. First thing, you must tune your guitar strings down to match the open D tuning. That tuning is as follows;

E - tune down to D



G - tune down to F#

B - tune down to A

E - tune down to D

Now that we are in the Open D tuning, let's take a look at a blues lick we can play using a slide. Note where the I, IV, and V chords are in the open tuning as well. Let's take a look.

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Blues Slide Guitar Techniques
Lesson 3: Open D Tuning song notation
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Lesson 3: Open D Tuning By Anders Mouridsen

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