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Elements of Better Blues Musicianship

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The best way to become a killer guitar player is to do a lot of hard work at home, and then go play live. A lot of people think you have to be really really good before you play live, but that's not true. Playing live is not reserved for the elite! Music belongs to everybody, and you can play live at any level- you just won't get paid as much. One live show is worth 10 guitar lessons. At least!

So try to get out there. Find a local jam session and get over your nerves, and go play. Just have fun! Don't be scared of train wrecks. If you can laugh at it, it won't matter, and being scared of failing is the most hindering thing I can think of when it comes to learning to play guitar. You have to fail, over and over again! It never stops, you just get back on the horse and keep getting better and better.

So go out there and network. Find someone to play with, regardless of instrument, age or level. Anything will help you. And if you're lucky enough to feel like you're the worst musician in the room, it just means you'll be learning more! Playing and being around players that are better than you is a great way to learn.

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Elements of Better Blues Musicianship