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Elements of Better Blues Musicianship

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In the previous tutorials we've really zoomed in on some very specific technical details about playing the guitar. In this tutorial we're gonna do the exact opposite and really zoom out, look up from our guitar neck and talk about some bigger concepts. It's always important to keep the big picture in mind as you're working on details in your playing. For example, what do you wanna sound like, and what do you wanna create? Do you wanna play arenas, bar rooms or bedrooms? Do you wanna be the lead or rhythm guitar player in a band or do you wanna front it? Or do you have no idea?

In this tutorial we're gonna talk about some of these things and try to help you figure some of it out. And if you don't really know, which most people don't, being open and letting things happen is the best way to find out. But in order for things to happen you need to put yourself out there, so that's what we're gonna try to prepare you for in this tutorial.

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Elements of Better Blues Musicianship