Making Riffs Out Of Chords

In this channel episode Anders demonstrates how to get creative by making riffs out of chords.

The tip of the week is to practice with your eyes closed. It's only natural to look at your fingers, especially when you are learning. But eventually it's a great skill to be able to play without having to look at the fretboard and strings all the time. When you are performing or interacting with other musicians you will have to keep you eyes on them at some point. And eye contact with your audience is always a great idea!

This week's lesson is how to make riffs out of chords. Anders show you how to take barre chord shapes, add some motion and rhythm to get a cool sounding rock riff.

If you like this lesson, then the GT Rock Style Courses have a lot more that cover ideas on how to play rock rhythm riffs!

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Instructor Anders Mouridsen
GT Channel: Anders Mouridsen 2018
Making Riffs Out Of Chords song notation

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