Hybrid Picking

In this channel episode Anders show you how to use a technique called hybrid picking.

The tip of the week is to put down your pick! It's possible to get a variety of sounds from your guitar by using your fingers instead of a pick. It's fun to experiment with your fingers if you are usually a pick player.

This week's lesson is how about hybrid picking. The idea is to use your pick normally held by your thumb and index, but to also include your other fingers in the mix! The musical example has a separated bass note played by the pick and upper string diads played by the middle and ring fingers.

If you like this lesson, then GT has more that cover hybrid picking ideas!

Hybrid Picking Primer

Basic Hybrid Picking Exercises

Chicken Pickin'

Double Stippin'

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
GT Channel: Anders Mouridsen 2018
Hybrid Picking song notation

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