Scales On One String

In this channel episode Anders will show you how to play a scale using only one string.

The tip of the week is to think like a rhythm instrument in your playing (like drums!). Focus more on your strumming and picking how to make it more percussive and use interesting phrasing.

This week's lesson is how to visualize and play a pentatonic scale linearly on one string. Use your ear to explore and experiment with taking the notes from the normal pentatonic ox pattern and find them linearly all on one string.

If you like this lesson, then GT has a lot more that cover ideas on how to expand your fretboard knowledge of the pentatonic scale across the guitar!

Pentatonic Scales: Boxes & Frameworks

Connecting Pentatonic Patterns 1

Connecting Pentatonic Patterns 2

Connecting Pentatonic Patterns 3

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
GT Channel: Anders Mouridsen 2018
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Scales On One String song notation

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