Inside Picking

In this channel episode Anders will show you how to use a technique called inside picking.

The tip of the week is to be skip playing a chord occasionally! Sometimes it's okay not to play every chord in a progression. If another instrument is already covering that chord, it can help add some sonic space in the arrangement to drop out for a chord here & there. You can also try just playing partial chords, or a stripped down version of the chord. Also try playing a simple static part that works over a few chords. While the chords change over your static part you are creating an interesting tension.

Be creative with your rhythm playing!

Inside picking is a tricky thing to get a handle on but it's a very important technique to be able to use confidently.

If you like this lesson, then GT has a lot more that cover ideas on how to pick improve your picking technique on licks that use inside picking!

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Anders Mouridsen
Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Inside Picking song notation