Keith Richards Style Chord Lick

In this channel episode Anders will show you insight into the playing style of the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

The tip of the week is to look up! It important to remember to keep your eyes on the other musicians you are playing with. Eye contact is an important communication skill. It's also important to make eye contact with your audience and to enjoy the moment.

This week's lesson is an easy Keith Richards chord lick. This lick involves isolating just 3 notes on 3 adjacent strings and making the most of just 2 chord voicings!

If you like this lesson, then GT has a whole tutorial on how to play in the style of Richards.

The Keith Richards Style

There's a whole lot of Rolling Stones songs in the GT song catalog.

Rolling Stones GT Song Lesson

And there's also tutorials on understanding, learning and playing triad inversions like the lesson chord lick.

Practicing Major Triads & Inversions Series 3

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
GT Channel: Anders Mouridsen 2018
Keith Richards Style Chord Lick song notation

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