Guitar Tricks 180: Call and Answer Blues Lick

In the key of A minor, Neal shares a tasty blues like in the 8th position. This lick is a good example of the call and answer concept for blues lead.

The first half of the lick is the "call" or "question" and the second half of the lick is the "answer" (sometimes called "call and response".) To get the idea, imagine two people standing across the street from each other. One shouts out a short sentence, then the other person answers.

That's the idea behind call and answer, and it's a must-know concept for any serious blues player and is used by all the greats: Clapton, B.B. King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and the list goes on.

Tip of the Week: how to test if your song is a good one. Try it in different genres or styles.

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Neal Walter
Instructor Neal Walter
Guitar Tricks 180: Call and Answer Blues Lick  song notation