Classic Blues Riff with a Lick

In this lesson we're going to add a "lick" to the blues riff. The 12 bar form is very simple and is always repeated countless times, so it's really useful having a couple variations of what you play!

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Making The 12 Bar Form Sound Like Blues
Classic Blues Riff with a Lick song notation
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Classic Blues Riff with a Lick By Anders Mouridsen

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Questions & Answers

3 months ago
In the video Anders appears to says & show the the rhythm as starting with a single downstroke on the one, followed by the two paired downstokes on the "and 2" and two more (fretting the 4th) paired downstrokes on the "and 3". But the notation shows only paired downstrokes. Am I missing something or is the notation not correct for the and video and tuition. I ask as I am trying to get the rhythm right.Thanks
Mike Olekshy 3 months ago

Hello - thanks so much for your question! The notation is correct. You are getting tripped up because you are thinking of the 2nd and 3rd downstrokes as pairs, which they are not, even though they occur close together. The "1" and then "and" go together as a pair. But right after the "and", the downstroke for the "2" happens. But it is actually connected to the next "and" - as shown in the notation. Hope this helps!