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Blues Tone: Getting the Right Setup

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We've compared guitars through a fixed setup. Let's check out the difference your choice of amplifiers will make. We'll run a strat-style guitar through several of the most common types of amps you'll find in order to give you an idea of what it takes to get great blues tone.

When you're viewing these lessons know that the volume of these amps has been leveled by the camera so that you can hear the tone without the higher wattage amps blowing the camera away. You'll find that the largest or highest-wattage amp isn't the always the best sounding amp. In most cases, the little '53 National holds its own with the giant Marshall. Tone is subjective, but do not fall prey to the misconception that larger or more expensive is better. In the end great tone relies on how sound effects the ears and the soul.

Here are the settings used:

British Tube Amp: Tone 5, Volume 4

Master Volume Tube Amp: Volume 4, Master Volume 4, Bass 8, Mid 5, Treble 6

'53 National Amp: Volume apprx. 6, Tone apprx. 8 NO OVERDRIVE PEDAL USED ON THIS AMP

Chimey British Tube Amp: Volume 4, Master Volume 3.5, Bass 7, Treble 6, Treble Cut: 6

Overdrive Pedal: Drive 4, Tone 3, Level 4

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Instructor Andy Gurley
Blues Tone: Getting the Right Setup