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Blues Tone: Getting the Right Setup

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Here's a great basic setup for any blues guitarist. It's one of my favorites, especially if I'm having to play a blues based gig on the fly.

This setup is just guitar, amp, and overdrive pedal. The overdrive pedal is used just for a small boost and a little dirtyness. I let the amp do most of the work for the overdrive.

In this lesson as well as all the lessons that follow, I'll run several guitars through THE EXACT SAME AMP AND FX SETUP. You have a great opportunity to hear the difference a guitar makes on the sound of this amp. That's what you want to take from these lessons, especially considering gear that you want to buy. It's not in getting one great piece of gear after another, but rather in constructing a complete rig that delivers great tone.

You should find that you like the sound of some guitars and that you do not like the sound of others. When you hear the difference and have preferences you are on your way to getting great tone yourself.

In this lesson, I'm using a Master Volume Tube Amp.

Settings: Volume 4, Master Volume 4, Bass 8, Mid 5, Treble 6.

I'm using an overdrive pedal with these settings: Drive 4, Tone 3, Level 4.

For specifics on any of this gear refer back to the previous tone lessons where each item is discussed by itself.

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Instructor Andy Gurley
Blues Tone: Getting the Right Setup