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Blues Tone: Getting the Right Setup

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Here's a treat for some of you. The 1953 National hand-wired amp is the center of our tone focus. The hand-wired National Amp is a gem from days gone by. It was made by Valco in the 50s and is as solid as any amp made today. It's small and has a low wattage so it's easy to crank up and get a broken up tone that is the blues. It's a rare amp. You probably won't find one in most music stores. It's something that "amp guys" find and collect. However, you can find amps built in small cabinets that are hand-wired and produce a similar sound.

Do you like that overdrive? That's all amp, baby. No pedals, just raspy, bluesy goodness. That's what I'm telling you.

If you want the best blues tone, this one is worth searching out.

Here's my settings:

Volume 6 apprx. (roughly 2 o'clock)

Tone 8 apprx. (roughly 4 o'clock)

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Instructor Andy Gurley
Blues Tone: Getting the Right Setup