Classic Blues Riff in the 12 Bar Form

In this lesson we'll use the blues riff that you learned in the previous lesson to play through the 12 bar form. I'll show you how to adapt the riff to the IV and the V chord, and once we've gone through the whole thing slowly we'll try it out with the backing track!

Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Making The 12 Bar Form Sound Like Blues
Classic Blues Riff in the 12 Bar Form song notation
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Classic Blues Riff in the 12 Bar Form By Anders Mouridsen

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Questions & Answers

Could someone explain why this works? The theory behind it. Why do these frets specifically work to do this? Is it because it's inside one of scales, chord shapes? Thank you! 5 months ago
Mike Olekshy 4 months ago

Hello - thanks for your question! The fretboard is laid out so that as you move a chord shape up and down the frets, it transposes to a new chord. In this case it is a power chord (root and fifth). As Anders explains, when you move the shape to a new root, the new root note will become the chord you are moving to. For example - he moves the shape of the A power chord to a D power chord. Hope this helps!