Playing the 12 Bar Form with Barre Chords

In this lesson we're gonna use the dominant 7 barre chords to play through the 12 bar form. Make sure you're at least somewhat comfortable with the barre chords, before you try to do this!

Anders Mouridsen
Instructor Anders Mouridsen
Playing the 12 Bar Form with Barre Chords song notation
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Playing the 12 Bar Form with Barre Chords By Anders Mouridsen

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Questions & Answers

Is it more common to call notes flats or sharps? In all these power/barre chord videos Anders has been calling them flats, but in many of the earlier videos has would call them sharps. How do you now whether to call it a flat or a sharp? 2 months ago
Josh Workman 2 months ago

Hi Ryan, whether notes are referred to as sharps or flats mostly deals with what general key you're in. In this lesson, if you look at the first line of sheet music on the right, it's an A blues, which is loosely rooted in the key of A major and so uses sharps. The next one is in the key of Bb, which uses flats. This is not 100% the case all the time but for the most part, you would base it on the the major scale key that it's closest to. If you need some help understanding how to build and transpose scales/chord progressions, maybe start here: