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Blues Tone: Amplifiers

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Solid State amplifiers come in all shapes and sizes and can have many different functions. It's not unusual to see solid state amps with many effects and countless features. A solid state amp doesn't use tubes. They don't use current to directly alter the sound you are amplifying. The power supplied to the amp runs a chip that simulates the sound you desire, so it's wise to buy a solid state amp geared to sound like the style you wish to play.

We don't cover the effects that can come on the amp in this lesson. We'll focus more on that in the effects section of these lessons.

You'll notice that this amp has a "Presence" knob that some amps may not have. This knob specifically gives you how much of the equalization you want "present" in your tone.

Solid State Amps are road worthy. You won't be replacing broken or jarred-loose tubes with these amps. There aren't tubes to break. These amps are great for live performance. With some of the modeling/emulating capability on some amps you are able to get great studio tone as well.

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Instructor Andy Gurley
Blues Tone: Amplifiers