Let's Memorize the Strings

The story is short, with a sad but not unexpected ending: Eddie Ate Dynamite. Good Bye Eddie.

You begin this 'story' at your lowest-sounding string (low E). This is the fattest string, the string closest to your face as you hold the guitar. Using the first letter of every word in the Eddie story, you will name the notes: E, A, D, G, B, E.

The strings of the guitar are frequently referred to by their letter-name, but just as frequently referred to by their number in the line-up. It is essential you become conversant in both ways of naming the strings.

To name the strings by their number, you start at the highest-sounding string (high E), which is the thinnest string, furthest away from your face. This is the '1st string'. Your 2nd string is the B, 3rd string is G, 4th string is D, 5th string is A, and 6th string is E.

If you find this confusing, you are not alone. Just chalk it up to 'one of those things you gotta learn' about the guitar in order to be on the same page with everyone else.

Instructor Lisa McCormick
The Strings and Tuning
Any Style

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