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In this lesson, we will invite the band to join us on 'Funky Holiday'.

You'll find the lyrics to 'Funky Holiday' below.

(whole song is played on Em)

Once in a distant land
There was a funky holiday
Everyone joined the band
Everyone had something to play

Even if it was just
Tapping seashells to the beat
Squeaking blades of green grass
Slippery slap dance with your feet

Off in this distant land - there was
No such thing as sitting out
Music was like the air
You breathe it in and you breathe it out

Even if it was just
Humming softly to the tune
From the burst of sunrise
To the goodnight of the moon

Come to the distant land
Come to our funky holiday
Everyone join the band
Everyone grab something to play

Even if it is just
One old chord on your guitar
And if you think I'm lying
Take one look at where you are

Funky Holiday...

Words and Music (c)2014, Lisa McCormick.
All Rights Reserved.

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Learn the Chords E Minor, and D Major