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In Guitar Fundamentals 1, you learned how to be a well-trained advanced-beginner guitar player.

And that may be all you really want, and that is perfectly fine. I promise you years and decades of enjoyment with the skill base you have right now.

But for those who want a deeper understanding of the guitar, and of the music theory that lies behind how it all works, Guitar Fundamentals 2 will take you to a whole new level.

Completing Guitar Fundamentals 2 will set you up to be able to enter comfortably into any of the special focus courses on Guitar Tricks, such as Rock, Blues, and Country.

It will also prepare you to make huge strides as you explore the thousands of lessons here on Guitar Tricks that may pre-suppose you have certain advanced basic concepts and skills under your belt.

Have lots of fun, and once again, congratulations on your terrific progress on the guitar!
It has been my blessing and pleasure to take this journey with you.

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You're a Guitar Player Now!