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In this lesson, we will take a look at all the amazing things you have learned to play and to understand on the guitar - and make sure you are ready to keep forging ahead as a guitar player!

Congratulations on sticking with it, putting in your practice time, and all the incredible accomplishments you have achieved!

You now have a rock solid foundational guitar education, and are in a strong position to grow as a guitarist, in any style(s) you choose.

It is not necessary that you absolutely master every single note, song, chord, or technique that has been presented in Guitar Fundamentals 1.

What IS important though, is that you UNDERSTAND all the concepts, that you make careful note of all the tips and pointers, and that you continue to be your own wise and watchful coach as you get better and better at playing guitar.

Let's recap those important points. If any of these feel hazy to you, you may wish to go back and revisit the lessons on that topic, just to be sure your foundational understandings are solid.

Bravo to you!

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You're a Guitar Player Now!