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Simple Melodies on the First 2 Strings

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You are off to a great start with learning to read tablature and play melodies on the guitar.

Let's jump right in and play a melody on the high E string, along with a backup band!

Important: be sure and be patient with yourself as you learn to play this melody with the band.

It is perfectly normal for this to take a good amount of practice before you can play it all the way through, in time with the band.

If you miss a note or two, or feel like you are just not quite in synch, just pause for a moment to get your bearings. Wait for the melody to circle around again, or, re-play the play-along segment of the video.

If it is still giving you trouble, practice the melody on your own for a while, without the band.

That way you can learn it completely at your own pace.

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Simple Melodies on the First 2 Strings