Guitar Tricks 38: Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs

This week Neal fills a lessons request on how to do hammer-ons and pull-offs. This is an extremely useful technique for many styles and it's a great way to add speed to your playing even if you're not a shred-meister.

The tip of the week is how to use a TV remote control to get some cool sounds out of your electric. Let the experimentation begin!

This week's lesson is on hammer-ons and pull-offs. In order to do these techniques you need to build your finger strength and dexterity.

If you like this lesson, then GT has a lot more that cover these technique!

Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs in Rock

Hammer-Ons & Pull-Offs

Trill Drills

Instructor Neal Walter
GT Channel: Rock with Neal 1
Guitar Tricks 38: Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs song notation

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