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Barre Chords For Beginners (Rock Style)

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Let’s put these barre chords to use and learn a song that we can eventually play along to a backing track.

We’ll start with the E shaped barre rooted on the 6th string. We’ll play A for two beats then rest for two beats in bar 1. Next we'll move to G and play it the same way. Then it's back A for bar 3 and we’ll rest entirely for bar 4 giving our hands a quick break. We’ll repeat these 4 bars for a total of 8 bars with this progression.

Then we will play a similar idea with our A shaped barre rooted on the 5th string. We’ll play D at the 5th for beats 1 and 2, and then rest for beats 3 and 4. Then move down to C and play it the same way. Then it’s back to D again. And then just like before we’ll rest for a full measure. We’ll continue to play that for 4 more bars, also making an 8 bar figure.

Together, with the previous 8 bars we get a total of 16 bars.

Let’s walk through it slowly 1 more time through.

| A | G | A | (R) |
| A | G | A | (R) |
| D | C | D | (R) |
| D | C | D | (R) |

When we play this song with a backing track we’ll repeat the entire 16 bars making it a total of 32 bars then finish with a whole note strum on the A chord.

Remember to practice this progression slowly at first, focusing on getting the notes to sound clearly. Even if you can only hold each chord for 1 beat instead of 2, that’s ok.

When you are ready for the challenge of playing this song in time along to a backing track, that’s what we’ll do in the next video. We’ll be playing in 4/4 time at a tempo of 75 BPM.

I hope you enjoyed learning the basics of barre chords and we’ll see you in the next video!

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Barre Chords For Beginners (Rock Style)