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Barre Chords For Beginners (Rock Style)

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Hey, Barrett here for Guitar Tricks. In this tutorial we'll learn how to play barre chords. We’ll start with the mechanics of using our index finger to "barre" - then learn how to move it around the fretboard as a "movable capo". This idea enables us to play commonly used Major and Minor chord shapes all over the fretboard.

The barre chord shapes we will be focusing on are based on the most common open position chords that are found within the first two frets. We’ll be studying the Open E Major and E Minor chords, and also A Major and A Minor. They are "open" chords, because they use open strings. As you begin to master these shapes up the neck, you will find these chord shapes are used in countless songs.

Once we cover the basic physical technique of barring, we’ll then focus on all four basic types of barre chords one at a time. Then we'll put them together into a basic song we can use to practice our barre chords in time with music.

Barre chords can be used in any style of music, but we’ll focus on using them in a rock style for now. You can use any guitar to play these chords, however, an electric guitar is generally easier for these shapes. I’m using an electric guitar with a clean amp setting.

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Barre Chords For Beginners (Rock Style)