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Barre Chords For Beginners (Rock Style)

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Now that you've got the idea behind the mechanics of barring with your index, Let’s utilize our other fingers to make our first full barre chord shape. We’ll start with an Open E Major as our basis

To take this shape up the neck, we need to change from the normal E Major fingering. Instead, we’ll use our Middle, Pinky and Ring. This leaves your index free. If we move the E major shape up one fret, then we also have to raise the open strings up one fret to match. This means we’ll use our index finger as a moveable bar to raise the (low E, B, High E) up along with the other notes.

Now it’s important to note, even though we associate this with an E Major ”Shape” it is no longer an E Major chord. It is the root of the chord that gives it its name. If we understand the musical alphabet, we know that if we move this note up one fret (half step), this is now an F note - And if we play our shape, we are now playing an F Major chord.

Let’s climb up the neck with this moveable shape. The next natural note in the musical alphabet is G, up 2 frets (whole step) rooted on the 3rd fret. We keep the shape intact and aim to land our fingers on their respective frets. Visually it can help to follow your index from the 1st to the 3rd fret. This is a G Major barre chord. Finally, we move from G to A, another 2 frets (whole step) - Our A note is rooted on the 5th fret. This is now an A Major chord.

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Barre Chords For Beginners (Rock Style)