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Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues, Step-by-Step

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Now let's put all these variations to work.

In this video, you'll hear me play through the 12 bar blues progression three times over, using a variety of the tricks and variations you've learned in this tutorial. They don't happen in any particular order. I just toss them in as the spirit moves me!

Get these tricks under your belt and have fun with the 12 bar blues. You may find you are able to invent some new variations of your own, and there are certainly hundreds more out there to learn!

Remember to use everything in your bag of tricks, but not all at once.

Your Blues Bag of Tricks contains:

* The E to A7 Bass Run

* the E to B7 Bass Run

* the Irresistible Turnaround

* the B7 Slide-up Figure

* the E Hammer-on Figure

* Chord inversions for E7 and A7

//: E / E / E / E 7 /

/ A7 / A7 / E / E /

/ B7 / A7 / E A7 / E B7 ://

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Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues, Step-by-Step