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Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues, Step-by-Step

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During the fourth measure, when you are about to go from E7 to A7, you can use this bass run to pull the piece along. Play this in place of what you had been playing for the fourth measure of the 12 bar blues cycle.

To play the bass run, play the open 6th (E) string open, then at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th frets, consecutively. Then go straight on to the A7 chord and the picking pattern.

Now our 12 bar blues cycle has two variations in it:

//: E / E / E / Bass Run to A7 /

/ A7 / A7 / E / E /

/ B7 / A7 / TURNAROUND / E B7 ://

Ready for more? Keep going in this lesson series. We'll just keep adding one more element at a time until you’ve got several goodies in your bag of blues tricks.

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Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues, Step-by-Step