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Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues, Step-by-Step

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The turnaround is a fun figure that takes the place of the second-to-last measure of the 12 bar blues cycle as we have been playing it so far.

Play the low E string. Then make a chord shape that looks like a D7 in form, but put it in the 3rd and 4th frets. With your right thumb, index, and middle fingers, pluck all three of the highest strings at once. Slide the chord down the neck one fret at a time, so that it gets "pinched" a total of 3 times. Then go directly to the E in the next measure (last measure of the piece).

//: E / E / E / E 7 /

/ A7 / A7 / E / E /

/ B7 / A7 / TURNAROUND / E B7 ://

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Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues, Step-by-Step