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Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues, Step-by-Step

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If you like walking and chewing gum at the same time, you'll love this figure.

This is an iconic blues move that I'm sure will sound familiar to you. This figure takes place on the E chord, but you can also apply same principles and play a similar figure on the A7 chord if you wish.

To play this figure, make the E chord, but lift your index finger out of the chord for a moment. Pluck the open G string with your right index finger, then hammer your left index finger back into position on the first fret.

AT THE SAME MOMENT that this hammered-on note sounds, you play the E bass note with your right thumb, and use that as the first beat of the picking pattern.

It is important to recognize that that very first note you played (the open G string), is timed to come in a little early, in advance of the standard first beat of the picking pattern.

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Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues, Step-by-Step