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Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues, Step-by-Step

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This set of lessons will take you step by step through the process of learning to play some fingerstyle blues in the key of E.

We'll start with the basic pattern, and then add fun new elements one by one.

By the time you've finished this set of lessons, you should be able to play through the 12 bar blues cycle three times over, making each one different as you use an array of variations on the basic moves.

Let's start with the picking pattern. This pattern will be the backdrop to the entire piece, so it's important to get really comfortable with it.

Here's the pattern: play the bass note (the lowest note appropriate to the chord you are playing) with your thumb.

Then, play the high E string with your middle finger.

Then play the 3rd (G) string with your thumb.

Lastly play the 2nd (B) string with your index finger. Also, listen for how the rhythm is syncopated to give it a bluesy feel.

Try this pattern on an E, A7, and B7 chord.

Now you're ready to learn to play the blues!

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Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues, Step-by-Step