Introduction to Triad Inversions

Before tackling triad inversions, let us review a few concepts that are integral to understanding how these new chords will work.

A triad is a group of three notes.

The open and barre chords we've learned so far are all triads because they all contain three different notes.

The three different notes are based on the interval, or distance, of a third. We'll show you how to use the major scale here to find the thirds that form a triad.

The thirds that form a triad may be doubled or even tripled in a chord, as you'll find is the case with most open and barre chords. That's totally okay. You'll find this is why you like the sound of certain chord voicings over others.

Use this method of finding the notes in any triad throughout our series on triad inversions as a method of checking the notes in your inversions. You'll find it helpful with the inversions as well as helpful in learning the entire fretboard.

Last but not least, try naming the triad's notes in all the chords you know. It's great practice and will help you make the most of this lesson series.

Andy Gurley
Instructor Andy Gurley

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