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Posted October 2, 2017

6 Not So Easy Guitar Songs on Acoustic

If you're like me and get bored of strumming the same old three chords, playing the same old songs, there's one thing I like to do, and that's to learn new, challenging songs. Some of the most difficult songs to play are either super fast, sweep and shred fests, or really intricate fingerpicking songs on an acoustic. Since I'm not Herman Li and my left hand is mostly useless, fingerpicking is more of my style. If you want to learn some new chords, and a few wa

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Posted September 24, 2017

Practical Applications of Music Theory

Aural skills are a crucial part of any musician's skill set.  Aural means related to to sense of hearing or the anatomy and physiology of the ear.  So, aural training is sometimes called ear training, an important foundation when learning music theory.  Aural skills training is the process by which musicians identify and mentally organize the sounds that happen in music.

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Posted September 19, 2017

Understanding Guitar Amps Watts, Ohms, and Speaker Wiring

How many times have you plugged your guitar into an amp, and it just works? What if the amp is broken? What do you do? This happened to me a few weeks ago. My younger brother’s combo amp had a mind of its own and often decided to cut the music whenever it felt like it. Worse, he had a gig in just five days. And so, our little odyssey of finding a replacement amp began, but that required a lot of knowledge I didn't have. 

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