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The Best Lead Guitar Lessons

If you've ever found yourself entranced by the whirlwind solos of your favorite guitar heroes and thought, "Man, I wish I could do that!"

You're not alone.

Even someone taking beginner guitar lessons usually wants to jump ahead to the shred.

The path to becoming a lead guitar virtuoso is both thrilling and challenging.

So check it out – we're about to embark on a journey to discover the best lead guitar lessons that will have you shredding like a pro in no time.

What Makes the Best Lead Guitar Lessons?

So, what exactly makes the best lead guitar lessons?

Well, it's not just about nailing a few fancy licks or memorizing guitar scales.

It's about understanding the soul of the instrument, expressing yourself, and having a blast while doing it.

The best lead guitar lessons should feel like a jam session with your best mates – relaxed and enjoyable.

Finding the Right Fit: Personalized Learning

One size does not fit all when it comes to learning the lead guitar.

The best lessons are the ones tailored to your individual style, pace, and goals.

Look for courses that understand that not everyone learns at the same speed or in the same way, like these.

Whether you're a quick learner itching to dive into complex solos or someone who prefers a slower, more methodical approach, the best lead guitar lessons cater to your unique needs.

Embracing Technology: Online vs. In-Person Lessons

In the age of the internet, the debate between online and in-person lessons is as hot as a tube amp cranked to 11.

The truth is, online lessons provide most of the perks that in-person lessons do plus a whole lot more.

The biggest being flexibility, allowing you to learn from the comfort of your own space.

Virtual programs also have comprehensive step-by-step instruction.

Since they are video lessons, you are free to rewind, pause and even fast forward your lessons to be sure you completely understand what is being taught.

The best lead guitar lessons today often blend these two worlds, offering online courses with interactive elements like live Q&A sessions, video feedback, and community forums.

It's like having a private guitar guru in your pocket, ready to guide you through the intricacies of lead guitar whenever and wherever you are.

Lead Guitar Lesson: Practice Guide

It’s important to know what to practice when learning how to play lead guitar.

When looking for the best lead guitar lessons out there, they should include some variation of the following practice outline:

1. Warm-Up (3-5 minutes)

Start with finger stretching exercises to loosen up your fingers and wrists.

Play some chromatic runs up and down the guitar neck to warm up your fingers.

2. Scale Practice (5-10 minutes)

Begin with the pentatonic scale, which is widely used in guitar solos. Focus on one key at a time (e.g., A minor pentatonic).

Practice the scale up and down the neck, ensuring even tone and tempo.

Gradually increase the speed as you get comfortable, but prioritize accuracy and clean playing.

3. String Bending and Vibrato (5-10 minutes)

Practice bending strings to reach the pitch of adjacent frets. Start with a half-step bend, then try a whole-step bend.

Work on your vibrato technique by oscillating the pitch of a note with your fretting hand. Aim for a controlled and even vibrato.

4. Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs (5-10 minutes)

Practice these legato techniques within the scale patterns you're learning.

Start slowly, focusing on making each note sound clear and distinct.

5. Learning Licks (10-20 minutes)

Learn simple guitar licks that are common in solos. You can find these in beginner soloing books or online tutorials.

Practice incorporating these licks into the scale patterns you've been practicing.

6. Improvisation (5-10 minutes)

Play a backing track in the key you are practicing and try to improvise using the scales and licks you have learned.

Don't worry about playing fast or complex lines; focus on making musical phrases and expressing yourself.

7. Ear Training and Replication (5-10 minutes)

Listen to simple guitar solos and try to replicate them by ear. This helps in developing your musical ear and understanding how solos are structured.

8. Cool Down and Review (3-5 minutes)

Reflect on the practice session, noting what felt good and what needs improvement.

Do some light finger stretching exercises to relax your hand muscles.

Jamming with the Pros: Real-World Application

Let's face it – you don't want to be stuck in the practice room forever.

The best lead guitar lessons seamlessly integrate theory with real-world application.

Look for courses that encourage you to jam along with backing tracks, play in different styles, and even try your hand at improvisation.

Guitar Tricks has all of these features and more.

Most notably being the Core Learning System that outlines 4 fundamental styles with in-depth lessons in each.

Learn not only how to sound like guitar legends in a particular style, but also how to FEEL like them too!

Getting into advanced topics often requires a bit of nuance, and Guitar Tricks provides those nuanced lessons with clarity and ease.

Your Journey to Lead Guitar Legend

Remember that the key to mastery lies in dedication, passion, and finding the right resources.

So, fellow guitar warriors, it's time to plug in, turn up the volume, and let the strings guide you to lead guitar greatness.

The best lead guitar lessons are not just about technique; they're about unlocking the musician within you and embracing the thrill of creating music that moves both you and your audience.

Happy shredding!


Can I teach myself lead guitar? Absolutely! Teaching yourself lead guitar is totally doable, especially with the plethora of online guitar lessons available. Grab the best lead guitar lessons, dive into tutorials, and don't forget to jam along with your favorite songs. Consistency is key, so keep strumming and shredding.

How can I learn lead guitar? Learning lead guitar is a journey, not a destination. Start by grabbing the best lead guitar lessons that suit your style and pace. Practice regularly, experiment with different techniques, and, most importantly, play along with your favorite tunes. It's not just about learning; it's about enjoying the process.

How do I become a good lead guitarist? To become a good lead guitarist, you need a mix of dedication, the best lead guitar lessons, and a pinch of creativity. Practice your scales and licks, but also focus on expressing yourself through the instrument. Play with feeling, experiment with tones, and let your personality shine through your solos.

How long does it take to be good at lead guitar? There's no one-size-fits-all answer, but with consistent practice and the best lead guitar lessons, you can see significant progress in a few weeks. Remember, it's not a race – enjoy the journey and celebrate every small victory along the way.

What is the first thing to learn in lead guitar? The first thing to tackle in lead guitar is mastering basic scales. Grab your axe, start with the pentatonic scale, and explore its different positions. The best lead guitar lessons often emphasize building a strong foundation with scales before diving into more intricate techniques.

Can I get good at guitar in 2 years? Absolutely! With the right mindset, dedication, and, of course, the best lead guitar lessons, you can make significant strides in just two years. Consistent practice and a passion for playing will take you far on your guitar journey.

Is 30 too old to play guitar? Heck no! It's never too late to pick up the guitar and start rocking out. Age is just a number, and there are plenty of musicians who started later in life. Grab the best lead guitar lessons, strum away, and prove that age is just a minor detail in the world of guitar.

Is 2 hours of guitar a day good? Two hours a day is fantastic! With a focused and dedicated two-hour practice session, you can make significant progress. Even practicing 20 minuets per day will be valuable. Regular, consistent, daily practice is much better than hours of practice only once a week.

How long does it realistically take to learn guitar? Realistically, it varies from person to person. With consistent practice and the best lead guitar lessons, you can start playing songs within a few weeks. Becoming proficient might take several months, but remember, it's not about the destination – enjoy the learning process.

What is the fastest way to learn guitar? The fastest way to learn guitar is to immerse yourself in the music you love and grab the best lead guitar lessons available. Combine structured learning with playing along to your favorite tunes. It's not a race; it's about finding joy in the journey of becoming a guitarist.


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