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Travis-Picking - Laying The Foundation

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In this lesson we'll complete the basic version of the finger picking pattern by adding a hammer-on in our left hand.

The next step towards to the basic Travis Picking pattern is to add a hammer on from the open G string to the 1st fret, when you pick that first treble chord.

So you hit your bass note, and then when you hit the treble chord and the D string, you don't fret the 1st fret of the G string.

Pick it and hammer-on to the 1st fret with your 1st finger. The rhythm of this is “1 2 and”. Now the last half of the pattern is the same as before “3 and 4”.

Once again, it's important not to rush this. Just piece it together bit by bit, and if you stick with it it'll start to make sense after a little while.

If you use a regular flat pick, you have to pick the G and B string with your 2nd and 3rd finger instead of the 1st and 2nd. Other than that it's the same thing.

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Travis-Picking - Laying The Foundation