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Travis-Picking - Laying The Foundation

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In this lesson we'll add a basic chord on beat 2 to our thumb pattern from the previous lesson, picked with our 2nd and 3rd finger.

We start with our E chord and what we learned in the previous lesson. Now, on beat 2 we're going to add a fuller chord, picked with our thumb (which you were already doing) and our RH 1st and 2nd finger on the G and B string.

Make sure, once again, that your RH is nice and relaxed the whole time. You don't have to pick these notes very hard. Just make sure you're not all tense, and that you're locking in with the groove. Volume is not a concern right now.

If you use a thumb pick, it's the same basic thing, except that you get a bit more articulation of the lower notes.

If you use a regular flat pick, you have to pick the G and B string with your 2nd and 3rd finger instead of the 1st and 2nd. Other than that it's the same thing.

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Travis-Picking - Laying The Foundation