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Travis-Picking - Laying The Foundation

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Before we start digging into all the actual playing, let's briefly talk about what gear I'm using for the examples. I'm going to be using my Martin-style VKV steel-string acoustic, and I'll be getting the sound you hear in the video from a combination of the overhead mic that I'm also talking through and the built-in pickup system in my guitar.

For your right hand you have a couple of different options, and we'll talk through those in the lessons too. But you can either use no pick, and just your fingers, a regular flat pick or you can use what's called a thumb pick. A thumb pick is a pick that wraps around and attaches to your thumb. It's a very useful device that some players use as their main right hand tool. I personally only use it once in a while, and for this tutorial I'm just going to be using my fingers.

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Travis-Picking - Laying The Foundation